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In-Home Assessments

In-home assessments allow for a therapist to see a much larger picture than what one may present in a typical 50 minute therapy session.   Assessments can range from three to five hours, depending on the number of children in the home, as well as the amount of support that parents might require.  Observation in one’s natural home environment is an effective approach to determine what behavioral interventions are necessary, as well as any adjustments to the family system that will be helpful in resuming family harmony.

What is involved in an in-home assessment?

  • Interview with both parents (unless it is a single parent family)
  • Interview with each child
  • Observation
  • Assessment and recommendations presented to parents
  • Development of behavior charts, intervention strategies, and other supportive tools
  • Facilitation of each members understanding of new behavior strategies and plan

After the first week, Alison will follow up with the family, either in her office or in the family’s home to assess progress and the need for additional support.

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